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Glass Dome Moon Necklace

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The moon...our closest celestial companion in this journey through space. Since the dawn of humanity, it has been the subject of wonder, myth, poetry, mystery, and dreams. It shifts in brightness with each passing day, signals the harvest cycles, and may even be responsible for the origin of life itself. Ever-changing, and yet constant over millennia, the moon is our history, and an inescapable part of our human identity.

This pendant encases an archival-quality print of the moon under a 1 inch glass dome. The reflection of the dome gives the moon a three-dimensional feel. The metal in the pendant is a hand-finished pewter (nickel-free, lead-free). The pendant comes on an 18" sterling silver chain.

Perfect for:

  • Astronomers, star/moon-gazers, and future astronauts
  • Dreamers, poets, writers, and artists
  • Space and astronomy lovers
  • ...Anyone who has looked up at night and been struck by the sudden beauty of our ancient satellite!


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